February 2021
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February 2021


In the Spotlight : A to B Hauling: Connecting with the Community
As a team, A to B Hauling focuses on communication with customers as much as possible. The goal is to make them feel like they are an important part of the company’s success and that they are a priority. As a result, this philosophy has led to fast growth for A to B Hauling over the last several years.

Industry Trends: 2020 Year in Review: Industry Resilience in a Time of Unique Challenges
2020 was filled with challenges that no one saw coming. As the industry continues to adjust, there are some long-term effects that will affect the way organizations do business in the future.

Carts/Containers: Solutions for Every Stream
In order to have successful cart set out in your community, it is important to start with a great plan. Following key steps will help set up success for cart assembly and distribution.
Amy Caudle

Landfill Management: Important Tips for Successful Landfill Management
As a constantly evolving industry, it is important to be well informed, proactive and safe. Landfill managers share their keys to success.
Sam Rohr

Carts/Containers: 10 Ways Lid Locks Improve Waste Carts and Service
Explore 10 reasons why adding lid locks to your equipment or promoting the use of lid locks can lead to increased customer satisfaction, higher environmental standards and overall cleaner trash.
Justin Blazer

Shredders: Knives Out: Shredding Paper, Fiber, Textiles, Carpet and Mattresses to Size in Single Pass
New shredder technology is enabling recyclers to simultaneously shred, chip and size onsite, speeding production and reducing processing costs.
Del Williams and Doug Bartelt

Landfill Equipment: What’ll You Have? How About a Scotch and Solar
An argument for the most versatile combo in environmental pumping.
Mark Bertane

Containers/Carts Locks: Securing the Waste Stream: How Automatic Locks Emerged as an Essential Solution in an Ever-Changing Industry
Using an automatic lock allows the companies that handle their waste management to run more efficiently while decreasing their negative impact on the environment. These innovations have risen to the occasion and are an essential solution to push the industry into the next steps of sustainable waste management.
Felicia Worthington

Landfill Personnel: Four Tips for Hiring the Best Landfill Wheel Loader Operators
Spend enough time working with heavy equipment and you are bound to come across some bad operators. But these four tips can help you put together the best landfill crew possible.
Eric Yeomans

Roll-Offs: Steel or Aluminum Arms for Your Roll-Off Tarping System?
When the time comes for you to purchase that tarping system for your new roll-off truck, be sure to evaluate the advantages of steel, aluminum or even armless. Educating yourself will help prepare you to make that important decision.
Chad Rea

Landfill Systems: How GNSS/GPS Technology Helps to Maximize Value and Minimize Risk in Landfills
While technology investments can seem expensive and disruptive to existing operations, GNSS/GPS technology’s long-term benefits will help any operator—and all our communities—get more out of landfills and do so with less risk.
Sean Garrett

Guest Commentary: A Retrospective Look at 2020 and Forecasts for 2021
Although 2021 has already started with a bang, the waste industry has proven that it can handle the punches. Provided we collectively prioritize our people and planet, the profits will continue to flow, and innovation will rise to the occasion.
John Defenbaugh

Software Case Study: A Pandemic and 28 Percent Revenue Growth
Using the same drivers and trucks, MCM Disposal created operational efficiency.
Rachel Revoy

Perspectives: Waste Management Practices in Developing Countries
Waste management in developing countries is more challenging than in developed countries because dumps and landfills are the general choice for disposing of solid waste because these are the cheapest options. This article provides several short case studies from my experiences and observations in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe over the past 30 years.
Barney P. Popkin

Maintenance: Transforming Your Remote Training Process with Augmented Reality
While the pandemic has forced may firms to consider video conference solutions to help overcome restrictions of travel and reduction in live hands-on training opportunities, others have used this as an opportunity to explore augmented and virtual reality enhanced training.
Matt Johnston and Lexandra Amos

HHW Corner: Managing Small Consumer Batteries – Part 2
Li-ion batteries are everywhere, are a growing part of the waste stream and present unique additional hazards when improperly managed. Improving the status quo is clearly possible.
David Nightingale, CHMM, S.C.