Federal Recycling & Waste Solutions is expanding its pallet recycling services and sales business at its Jefferson City, MO plant location. With new and improved equipment and the addition of 40,000 square feet to carry out operations, Federal Recycling furthers its position as one of the premier, largest independent recycling companies in the country and addresses the short supply of pallets in the region. “This important step forward allows us to extend our regional reach, providing a greatly needed product for customers across different industries,” said Sam Still, President and CEO of Federal Recycling. “We are excited for the new business opportunities this investment will bring.”

Among its many diverse recycling and waste services provided, pallet recycling and sales has been in operation for eight years at Federal Recycling’s Jefferson City plant. With the new pallet line in place, the plant has been able to produce an increased number of pallets, more than tripling its output. The line’s advanced automation capabilities allow for increased efficiency, and the modular design of the equipment is set up to easily move different parts of the line and add components and capacity. For pallets that are no longer usable, Federal Recycling also offers onsite grinding services to turn pallet waste into mulch and biomass for energy production in the local market.”

“Businesses are on the lookout for credible recycling vendors now more than ever,” said Still. “For 100+ years, customers have looked to Federal Recycling as a trusted partner in recycling. With the recent pallet operation expansion, we are poised for even greater success, enhancing our existing services to meet the region’s burgeoning demand.”

For more information, visit www.federalinternational.com.