A bill to improve the Sunshine State’s recycling rate is moving forward in the legislature. Senate Bill 506 would require the Department of Environmental Protection to come up with a statewide comprehensive waste reduction and recycling plan.

Florida’s recycling rate sits at 50% falling short of a 75% goal in 2020. State Sen. Linda Stewart of Orlando proposed the bill. She says it’ll help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills by implementing strategies to increase recycling and reuse for everyone.

“I think that when this recycling study is complete you will see part of that study include dealing with apartments and requiring recycling at the apartments. You can’t ignore any part of where we live, whether it’s an apartment a condominium or your home,” Stewart said. The bill unanimously passed a second committee this week.

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Author: Gail Paschall-Brown, WESH 2
Image: WESH 2