Freepoint Eco-Systems LLC is committed to helping develop the circular plastic economy. To realize this mission of turning waste plastic, that would otherwise be landfilled or incinerated, into recycled materials, Freepoint Eco-Systems has announced the construction of an advanced recycling facility in Hebron, Ohio. In connection with this project, Freepoint Eco-Systems is partnering with Van Dyk Recycling Solutions (“Van Dyk) to build a front-end sorting system that will enable the facility to recycle 90,000 tons/year of end-of-life plastic. The project will employ approximately two hundred people during the construction phase and an additional fifty people when fully operational. Commercial operations are expected to commence in 2023.

Brian Schellati, Director of Business Development for Van Dyk spoke about the design process: “Joining our experience in system design with Freepoint Eco-Systems’ dedication to finding renewable avenues for plastics led to a project that we believe is going to be very successful.  The facility will accept post-sorted plastics from material recovery facilities. Those materials will pass through an advanced sortation system and then ultimately become pelletized.”

“Freepoint Eco-Systems is excited to be working with Van Dyk, a leader in North America for the installation of recycling and sorting systems, in connection with this project. We understand the importance of developing a system that is based on innovative, cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment. We believe that partnering with Van Dyk is the right decision, as we develop one of the largest commercial-scale advanced recycling facilities in the United States”, said Bilal Khan, Director of Engineering and Operations for Freepoint Eco-Systems.

The feedstock produced by the facility will have a smaller carbon footprint than crude oil-derived feedstocks and will contribute to a more circular economy for plastic production.

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