Frisco launched a new Waste Reduction Business Grant to encourage Frisco businesses to foster innovation around waste reduction. The grant was propelled by the passage of ordinances intended to reduce waste in the town. The ordinances include a ban on polystyrene to-go containers; the elimination of single-use plastic water bottles; a request-only requirement for single-use take out items, and a requirement to have paper bags with 100% recycled materials.

The grant will be up to $10,000 and will be awarded on a rolling basis throughout the year. The town said applications must include project details, how the business intends to complete the project or program, a timeline and an explanation of how this project will help to meet Frisco’s waste reduction goals.

Once a business receives approval for the project outlined in their grant application, they will receive reimbursement for any expenses after providing proof of their expenditures. No grant funds will be released without proof of expenditures.  Although the maximum award amount will be $10,000, smaller awards or partial funding of projects are also available. Small businesses, nonprofits and educational organizations located within the jurisdictional boundaries of Frisco are eligible to apply. All applicants must have an active Frisco business license.

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Author: Summit Daily