From Digesters to Drones: Featured Sessions at the Annual NY Solid Waste and Recycling Conference

Noted experts in the field of solid waste and recycling will be featured at the Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations’ Conference and Trade Show at The Sagamore on May 21 through the 24, 2017. Seminar topics are a wide-ranging mix, covering emerging issues and technologies (many qualifying for P.E. continuing education credits). Over 75 speakers from across the nation will be presenting the latest on waste and recycling issues, materials management, new technology and recent legislation throughout 30 panels over two and a half days.

In 2017, multiple discussions will feature the industry’s hottest topic, organics management and processing solutions like composting and anaerobic digestion. How will organics recycling impact MSW landfills operationally and financially? A panel of industry experts and regulators will delve into the topic of compost economy while also addressing whether food recovery programs can create jobs and what financial incentives exist for food recovery.

As New York State sits poised to pass a commercial organics law, speakers will explore anaerobic digesters as a processing option. Paul Taylor from Bio-En Power Inc. based in Elmira, Ontario Canada, will provide an in-depth look at their facility’s organics processing in his talk aptly titled “Confessions of a Former Food Waste Composter: Why Anaerobic Digestion is a Game-Changing Technology.” Nate Carr from Quasar Energy Group will share his insight about organics collection, processing of de-packaged organics, and other critical issues related to feedstock separation for digesters.

Landfill operators will get a first-hand look at cutting edge technology, such as drone based methane sensing and aerial mapping, followed by a drone demonstration. Material Recovery Facility managers will benefit from the latest news on plastic bag laws and high-tech sorting solutions for flexible packaging, balanced with practical strategies to minimize contamination and maximize quality.

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