Gatehouse Purchasing announces the addition of Brandon Becker as Sales Manager for the Southeast Region. Brandon brings an impressive sales background and years of experience in the waste and recycling industry to the Gatehouse team. Throughout his career, he has developed invaluable relationships with independent waste haulers and collaborated closely with Gatehouse Purchasing’s founder, Cassidy Brauns, while the two worked at Rehrig Pacific Company. Becker’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the field are an ideal fit for Gatehouse Purchasing’s mission of helping independent waste haulers reduce their operational expenses. 

In his new role, Brandon Becker will focus on introducing prospective members to the Gatehouse Advantage, with a particular emphasis on markets in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. His addition is a strategic move to expand the geographic presence of the company in these key regions and to offer substantial savings opportunities to independent waste haulers within the waste and recycling industry. 

“Brandon effortlessly forms deep-rooted relationships through his charismatic, optimistic nature and his unwavering commitment to do what he says he is going to do,” Gatehouse Purchasing Founder Cassidy Brauns noted about the hire. Becker exemplifies integrity, trustworthiness, and reliability in every interaction and will instantly contribute to the company’s mission of providing unparalleled value to our Members and Preferred Partners in the Southeast. 

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