GFL Environmental Inc., which owns and operates the landfill, is looking to expand it by 15.1 million cubic meters — enough to increase the location’s lifespan by 20 years. The current location only has an estimated four years left before it becomes full. “It’s a long process, therefore we started it before it was actually full,” said Daniel Brien, vice-president of environmental compliance and landfill operations for GFL. “It’s the continuation of our operation.”

Located north of Moose Creek, the landfill currently has a permitted annual fill rate of 755,000 tons per year and an average daily fill rate of 2,500 tons per day. Although the company is seeking to enlarge the site, it isn’t requesting an increase in the permitted daily and annual fill. According to Brien, the same amount of traffic will continue to flow to the landfill — there won’t be any increase. “It’s only to continue to serve our customers,” he said. “We serve pretty much the majority of eastern Ontario.”

Locally, North Glengarry and North Stormont both send curbside garbage to this GFL facility. The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne also has a contract with GFL to landfill the waste collected from the northern part of the community. Beyond that, GFL has collection contracts with some commercial, industrial, and multi-residential buildings in the region.

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Author: Francis Racine, Standard-Freeholder
Francis Racine, Standard-Freeholder