In a new Glasgow City Council ordinance, a few rules were outlined such as when citizens can set their carts out and when they need to collect them. According to Section No. 2, part B of the ordinance, carts must be at the curbside no later than 7 a.m. the day of collection and no earlier than the day before.

The original amendment would have enforced a stricter time constraint on the trash collection, but the amended ordinance was created in an effort to work with all citizens’ schedules.

Glasgow Mayor Harold Armstrong says he recently used his personal vehicle to pick up trash along Lexington Drive. Armstrong says it’s a common problem among rental homes in the city to leave trash bags on the curbside when those properties are vacated. Essentially, Armstrong made an attempt to encourage citizens and council members to be a part of the overall goal and pick up trash when necessary.

“If you’ve got an empty garbage can and you’re half full,” Armstrong says. “Your neighbor has an extra bag, sitting on the ground full, it wouldn’t hurt a thing to put it in your can. We all work together, we can get through this problem.”

While there are several other facets of the ordinance, the council heavily discussed the issues around placing the cart at the curbside. Armstrong says those who are unable to get their carts to the curbside can call the city clerk to request assistance. According to the mayor, the Department of Public Works offers a free program to those unable to leave their homes, or unable to get their cart to the curbside.

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