Google, in an effort to support global sustainability, has announced a $150 million investment in renewable energy products. The news came just over two months after Google announced that, by 2022, all Made by Google products will include recycled materials. “At its core, design is about solving problems for people and the world’s challenges,” says Google’s head designer, Ivy Ross. “And sustainability is one of the most fundamental challenges of our generation. When you look at how things are made today, it just doesn’t make sense. Manufactured with dirty energy from rapidly depleted precious minerals, to make something that becomes obsolete in a short time and then thrown away.”

To that end, Ross shared the news that in 2019, every Nest product sold will include recycled plastics. Taking that one step further, the Google exec stated that the Nest Mini Speaker will be made entirely from recycled products. “Instead of these materials ending up in the oceans or landfills, we are giving them a new life,” says Ross. According to the Google exec, one recycled bottle creates enough plastic fabric to cover more than two Google Home Minis. “And we did all of this without compromising style or color for products that blend into your home.”

“In terms of current costs, it‘s not the best path for us to take,” says Anna Meegan, Google’s head of sustainability, when referencing Google’s products that are made entirely of recycled plastics. “As it stands, it would be most cost effective to build these products with virgin plastics. But we’re committed to our sustainability goals.”

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