Rumpke Waste and Recycling in Montgomery County and Archaea Energy, which is part of BP, are teaming up to take your trash heap and make your house heat and it’s all through renewable natural gas, the first of its kind in the state. “Rumpke’s been a great partner for us. They showed an appetite to do these sorts of things. They are a very innovative company, and we want to make sure they are helping and servicing local communities,” said Will Burton with Archaea Energy

Here’s how this green partnership works for business and the planet. Over time, the trash at Rumpke Waste and Recycling will decompose and produce methane, CO2 and Nitrogen. Instead of it seeping out into the atmosphere Archaea Energy has built a $40 million plant across the street from the landfill to capture those chemicals and turn them into renewable natural gas.

“The difference in our natural gas is being recovered; otherwise, it would have been wasted from the landfill or off landfill where we are able to recover it, process it, turn it into a beneficial use product,” said Burton. This beneficial product could heat 13,000 homes annually. “The fact that we’re local here putting gas into a local pipeline distribution network it’s going to make its way to the various consumers around this area,” said Burton.

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Author: WKYT
Image: WKYT