Going green doesn’t have to be a drag. You just need to involve everyone in coming up with the right strategy and then work diligently towards achieving this objective.

Erich Lawson


One of the major concerns for modern business owners is how to make their enterprises more eco-friendly. In a study published on the Financial Timesin 2014, 78 percent of sampled business executives said they considered green business practices as a key component of their branding campaigns. Indeed, the U.S Small Business Association (SBA) reports that 94 percent of businesses that invest in greener practices enjoyed more than 60 percent improvement in their sales.


Benefits of Eco-friendly Practices

By showing greater environmental responsibility you will not only enjoy reduced costs of doing business, but you will also earn customer loyalty. The modern consumer is more conscious and will thus buy products and services from companies that enhance environmental conservation.

What’s more, there are multiple incentives from the government and other organizations that will help you improve your bottom line. In essence, going green is a win-win situation for every modern business.  You not only save in the process but your brand also becomes more recognized in your niche.


Well, there is no doubt about the place of eco-friendly business practices. To enjoy the benefits of going green you have to know how to get there first. Here are some ideas on getting the most out of your eco-friendly business.


#1: Conduct an Energy Audit

A study published in the Business Insider says that more than 97 percent of businesses that invest in an energy audit end up saving on their energy uses. In order to become more efficient, you have to know how much power you are using in your business.


An energy audit company not only analyzes how much energy you are using, but also recommends ways of saving. Indeed, such a company will also implement such techniques including changing your lighting fixtures, sealing gaps in order to enhance heating and cooling among other methods.


#2: Leverage Technology

Whether you are running a global entity or a small town retail shop, you need to leverage modern day technology in order to reduce your energy bills. Flying your staff in for regular meetings wastes a lot of money on tickets and this adversely affects the environment.


Instead, you should invest in video conferences, Webinars, e-mails and other communication channels that will not affect the environment. You should also go paperless and encourage members to use less paper by limiting printing. Memos, for instance, can be sent via e-mail instead of being printed.


#3: Involve Everyone

Any attempts to become a green business must be participatory in nature. A report on Forbes says 79 percent of eco-friendly campaigns fail because business owners did not involve their employees. To avoid this pitfall, make sure every member of staff understands their role in making your company eco-friendly. You should start with a well-informed campaign to let your workers understand the importance of environmental conservation and your role as a business. Through regular updates to motivate them, you will achieve much more as your business goes green.


#4: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

This is the holy grail of going green. You need to reduce the resources used in every aspect of your business. If you have five trucks on the road for instance, reduce the number by using innovative thinking to ensure you still deliver your products on time. Recycling items in the office is also a great idea in going green and your staff must recognize that everything does not end up in the trash bin. Water bottles for instance can be reused to store other liquid products while cartons can be used to store office files safely. A trash compactor is a great tool for companies looking to go green. It will reduce the volume of the garbage and also help you save money if you have been paying for garbage collection.


#5: Use Eco-friendly Products

You need to start buying green products for all office uses. Whether you are looking for cleaners, energy bulbs or office mats, make sure you go for biodegradable materials. It is also important to buy recyclable materials and reusable bags because this reduces your total garbage thus reducing landfills in your city. If you like to be eco-friendly, a trash compactor will help you reduce the amount of trash you produce by bringing it down to less than half.


#6: Cut Down Your Energy Bill

This is the most applicable solution to going green. Most sources of energy lead to environmental degradation and this is the main reason you should go for renewable sources of power. Fossil fuels also increase your carbon footprint and it is high time you exploited government incentives in order to use solar or wind power at your company.


You also need to inculcate a culture of energy saving in the office by using ENERGY STAR rated lighting devices, switching off power whenever no one is using it, investing in larger windows to use natural light among other approaches.


There you have it; going green doesn’t have to be a drag. You just need to involve everyone in coming up with the right strategy and then work diligently towards achieving this objective. The benefits are mind-boggling to say the least.


Erich Lawson is passionate about saving the environment through effective recycling techniques and modern innovations. He works with Northern California Compactors, Inc. and writes on a variety of topics related to recycling, including tips and advice on how balers, compactors and shredders can be used to reduce industrial waste. He loves helping businesses understand how to lower their monthly garbage bills and increase revenue from recycling. Erich can be reached at [email protected] or visit www.norcalcompactors.net/trash-compactors