Harsco Environmental, a division of Harsco Corporation and the trusted global leader in environmental services and innovative products, announces it has re-launched SteelPhalt as a world-leading asphalt company with unique solutions for every roadmaking challenge. Through sustainable products that deliver high skid resistance and better durability, SteelPhalt makes high-performance asphalt to reduce the carbon footprint of road-laying by 40-percent. These trusted solutions aim to protect the planet and deliver durable roads for a more sustainable world.

“We don’t quarry the Earth – instead, Harsco Environmental is increasingly focused on carbon-conscious ecoproducts such as SteelPhalt,” said Martin Gray, managing director of SteelPhalt. “Our people, and their passion for making a difference, keep us determined to make a world of difference by dealing with the issues of today to help solve the problems of tomorrow.”

The announcement follows SteelPhalt’s continued expansion in support of sustainable roadmaking. The Company recently announced the opening of two new asphalt plants for the first time in 60 years. The new plants, located in Cardiff, Wales, and an additional plant at the existing Rotherham, England, facility, manufacture sustainable asphalt products using 95-percent recycled aggregates.

With plans to open several facilities over the next three years outside of the U.K., the additional plants will offer Harsco another resource for handling slag from its steel mill customers while also responding to the ever-increasing demand to be more sustainable. Additionally, SteelPhalt’s re-launch includes a faster, easier-to-use website featuring a new product selector designed to aid current and potential customers in decision-making when specifying materials for a project. Actions such as ordering and tracking will also be automated on the new site to lower customer time spent on administrative tasks.

With over 50 years of knowledge, experience and technical expertise, SteelPhalt has built a reputation around sustainable innovation by developing asphalt products that outperform conventional asphalt in durability, consistency, skid resistance and sustainability.

For more information, visit www.steelphalt.com or www.harsco-environmental.com.