The City of Houston hopes you’ll take that stuff and all of the rest of your food waste to one of four drop-off locations throughout town for recycling. Specifically, that recycled food will be composted — mixed with yard waste, placed into piles, and allowed to biodegrade into a material resembling mulch.

The city partnered with Zero Waste Houston on a food waste composting pilot program that began on Thursday, Jan. 22 and runs through the end of February. “Although we’re in the early stages of development for future programs, overall, composting programs offer a sustainable solution for managing organic waste while providing environmentally, social, and advantageous economic benefits for the city,” Houston Deputy Director Veronica Lizama said.

Zero Waste Houston will take food waste that residents and businesses leave at the drop-off sites and compost it before handing it over to landscaping company Natures Way Resources in The Woodlands.

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Author: Seth Kovar, CW39
Image; CW39