Delivering efficient and consistent public service can be a challenge even at the best of times. Truck rentals provide the stability and flexibility that businesses are seeking in times of turmoil.
By Zach Martin

During the unprecedented time of COVID-19, the abundance of unknowns has made it difficult for haulers to consistently and efficiently provide a critical service to the community. The flexibility of truck rental plans has the potential to make a huge difference in response to the challenges facing hauling companies and municipalities. Rental trucks have provided both physical and financial paybacks to companies as they attempt to navigate these evolving circumstances.

Rental companies like Big Truck Rental offer a variety of truck types including: front loaders, rear loaders, automated side loaders, roll-off and Vaccon trucks. Photos courtesy of Big Truck Rental.

Service Benefits
Increased Residential Waste, Recycling and Yard Debris
People at home 24/7 and many checking household projects off their to-do lists have resulted in a 20 to 30 percent increase in residential waste. Trucks and haulers are responsible to cover these inflated volumes and keep a sense of normalcy in the community. With routines and restrictions changing on a regular basis, residents are relying on a consistent collection services for one less thing they have to worry about. Renting more trucks, or different trucks, can help to account for this influx. Certain rental companies have shorter rental period options that allow for a non-committal business partnership during changing times like the pandemic. These shorter rental periods allow to support your fleet as needed without uprooting the foundational plan of your business.

Volatility in Commercial or Industrial Growth
While residential areas have been seeing an uptick, there may be a dramatic fall in refuse for other areas for which your business provides service coverage. Companies built around servicing businesses, contractors or other stalled industries may be subjected to the same level of reduced activity. As many calculate to find efficient losses that can be cut, haulers know that an eventual return to normalcy will mean they still need their current fleet. Renting trucks allows you to temporarily adjust the size of your fleet based on what is best for your business. Using rentals as a strategic sector of your fleet management program allows you to make the necessary adjustments in real-time.

Increased Maintenance or Strain on Technicians
Double-timing your current fleet expedites the maturation of trucks and increases the risk of breakdown. Though one truck may provide a quick short-term solution, it is almost guaranteed to result in eventual downtime for repairs. The restrictions impacting workforces and responsibilities of workers to their families can also impact maintenance and repair turnaround times. In these situations, where repair times may be delayed and truck downtimes more frequent, renting newer model trucks provides a degree of reliability.

Supplementing your fleet with rental trucks allows you to modify the size of your fleet based on actual demand.

Financial Advantages
Save on Capital
Holding on to capital and avoiding tough, costly decisions during this time of uncertainty can be a huge difference-maker. Leveraging Rent to Purchase plans can provide you with the truck you need while you build equity to purchase down the road. Or, instead of the costly venture of a brand-new truck, you can find a reliable off-rent truck through companies like Route Ready. Reliable trucks for sale keep more money in your pocket. Of course, one of the biggest highlights with a rental company that has a nationwide fleet is that you have immediate access to equipment.

Contingency Plans
Finding a partner in the industry that you can trust allows you to plan ahead for many unknown situations. We can work to develop contingency plans based on your specific needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here, and we recognize that. Industry leaders have knowledgeable staff that can help to circumnavigate any size crisis.

Support in Times of Crisis
Delivering efficient and consistent public service can be a challenge even at the best of times. As outlined above, truck rentals provide the stability and flexibility that businesses are seeking in times of turmoil like the COVID-19 pandemic. However, refuse truck rental companies like Big Truck Rental offer the same support outside of times of crisis as well. These same challenges—capital restrictions, need to scale fleets, etc.—are present during usual business; and the same offerings are available to provide relief. That is why finding a partner who understands the industry and today’s circumstances is key. We encourage companies to use our resources to think ahead and be prepared while also being successful now. | WA

Zach Martin is Vice President of Sales, North America for Big Truck Rental (Tampa, FL). Zach joined Big Truck Rental in December 2016 and is responsible for all sales in U.S. and Canada. Prior to Big Truck Rental, Zach had a 13-year career in sales, business development and sales leadership for Rehrig Pacific Company. Zach also serves the National Waste & Recycling Association as Past Co-Chair of the Future Industry Leaders Alliance and on the Supplier Board of Governors. He can be reached at (304) 215-2929 or e-mail To learn more about the benefits of renting, and to find a solution that fits, e-mail or visit