Ingram Equipment Company (IEC), an industry-leading environmental, waste management, and commercial equipment company, has launched a new partnership with Air Burners®, a leading manufacturer of air curtain burner systems worldwide. Air Burners systems are used worldwide in the construction industry to support land clearing operations and at landfill sites to help reduce wood waste. They are also used in disaster recovery for clearing the aftermath from storm or flood damage, and play an important role in many contingency plans dealing with disaster recovery throughout the world. All Air Burner systems are either mobile or portable.

With over 25 years of industry-leading experience and performance testing by the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Armed Forces, and EPA, Air Burners patented technology burns unwanted wood waste 40 time faster than an open burn, reduces smoke particulates by over 90%, and is an overall more cost-effective solution to wood waste disposal compared to grinding or chipping.

“Air Burners commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with IEC’s dedication to providing robust and reliable equipment solutions to our customers,” says Jeff Martin, President and CEO of IEC. “This partnership allows us to continue offering our customers access to the most advanced and efficient waste management solutions available, further solidifying our position as a trusted provider of equipment for diverse applications. We are proud to add Air Burners to our growing list of product line offerings.”

The partnership between IEC and Air Burners signifies a significant step forward in waste management technology, offering clients innovative solutions to meet their operational needs while saving on costs and addressing environmental sustainability.

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