This anticipated event will take place from November 1-4 in Orlando, FL.

Reimagined to adjust to the new normal, WASTECON® is back to provide more crucial face-to-face networking opportunities for participants and exhibitors as well as the latest industry updates and technology, and presentations to help you and your teams excel.


WASTECON®: The Route to Sustainable Strength brings you an executive leadership summit looking at leadership and management concepts through the lens of municipal solid waste management. You will hear from industry leaders and new voices about how they are creating their own “Route to Sustainable Strength.” You will explore topics such as diversity, equity and inclusion, media relations, how circular economy can lead to a waste-free world and so much more.

Rueben M. Stokes, DEI Advisor for Rueben Stokes Advisory Services, joins WASTECON® to talk about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Learn how DEI can provide solutions to common business challenges like high turnover worker shortages and ever the increasing demands for innovation in the reapidly evolving post-COVID environment. DEI is one of the most powerful and impactful business strategies of 2021 and beyond. Explore the often unrecognized competitive advantages and bottom-line benefits of a successful DEI strategy.

WASTECON will be premiering leadership intensives in Orlando. Leadership intensives are workshops and activities that dive deeper into a topic. Seating is limited, so be sure to register in advance to save your spot.

Rebecca Ryan, futurist for Next Generation Consulting, joins SWANA once again for two sessions. Since WASTECON® 2019, Ryan has been helping SWANA think more proactively about the industry. She has explained the “Messy Middle” and now she will offer personal, team, and organization-wide lessons that must be learned and applied from disruption to ensure that leaders and the industry are driving conversation about solid waste and its future.

In Ryan’s leadership intensive, she shares techniques to get a pilot project designed and tested even without money, permission, and a small team. The workshop provides templates to take home and test in real time.

Mark Bernheimer, Former CNN Reporter and Founder of MediaWorks Resource Group, will also join SWANA once again to discuss best practices in “courting the media and developing positive symbiotic relationships” with Anne Isenhower, an expert in reputation building. Bernheimer will then provide tips on how to ace your on-air performance once you have landed a news interview.

Bernheimer will then direct a leadership intensive on media training applying lessions from his keynote. In the interactive session, Bernheimer will conduct on-camera interview with volunteers to learn and collaborate throughout the workshop and develop messages.


SWANA is proud to announce the 2021 Lawrence Lecturer, Tara Hammer, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Waste Management, Inc. As the Chief Sustainability Officer for Waste Management, Tara Hemmer is responsible for growing sustainable service offerings, including recycling, renewable energy and organics. In addition, she oversees all environmental, social impact and governance initiatives.


Jeff Kirschner, Founder and CEO of Litterati, will explain the global community working to create a litter-free planet by taking a data-driven approach to understanding one of humanity’s most complex and challenging problems.

Also taking place at WASTECON® 2021, SWANA’s Safety Summit focuses on improving health and safety throughout the industry. This track of sessions will explore pressing collection and post-collection safety issues. This includes preventing and minimizing fires, using technology to reduce accident and injuries, and how to respond when an accident does occur.
Join us as we meet together in-person November 1-4 in

Orlando, FL for SWANA’s executive leadership summit and Safety Summit! | WA
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