Always be aware of your surroundings and make sure that everyone is safe for
both drivers and citizens.

Keeping kids safe is everybody’s responsibility, especially on our roadways, driveways and parking lots. As the new school year approaches, here are some helpful, kid-friendly tips and reminders to share with both the people at your company as well as your local pickup area residents to make sure we all get to where we’re going, safely and on time:

  • Always stop and check the crosswalks—While our drivers know that it is never safe to cross in the middle of the street or between parked cars, we still need to be aware of surroundings at all times. Drivers—including those in big vehicles like garbage trucks—sometimes have a difficult time seeing pedestrians and may not have enough time to react.
  • Trucks take time—Trucks—especially garbage trucks—take much longer to stop than cars. While cars should play it safe and let a truck go past before crossing the street, drivers still need to be aware that there may be cars that will try to go past the truck when it is on a route. Always check your mirrors and blind spots before pulling out after a pickup.
  • Watch your right turns—We all know that when there isn’t a marked crosswalk, everyone should cross at the corner and look both ways before crossing any street. Even though kids and parents may check the street before stepping off the curb, sometimes it may be done in haste. Be sure to take your time when making a right hand turn and check for those who may be turning directly in your path.
  • Be Aware of Pedestrians—Pedestrians should always walk on the sidewalk when it is available; however when there isn’t a sidewalk, people may be walking facing traffic. Drivers should be aware of those who are not on the sidewalk and take extra precaution when passing them on the street.
  • Pay attention in parking lots—Parking lots, driveways and other “non-traffic” areas can be just as dangerous as the streets. Make sure that when you are backing up, whether it is for servicing a dumpster or looking for a parking spot, that the pathways are completely clear of people walking around in order to keep everyone safe.

Although some of these tips are well-known, they serve as a reminder to be aware of your surroundings and make sure that everyone is safe for both drivers and citizens. | WA