A roughly $350 million plan to transform West Michigan’s waste into a new industry is one step closer to reality. Last month, the Kent County Board of Public Works approved negotiating a project development agreement with two companies interested in manufacturing coverboard for roofs, renewable energy and fertilizer from cast-off materials in Kent County.

Continuus Materials and Anaergia would anchor a new 250-acre sustainable business park just south of the South Kent Landfill, along Clyde Park Avenue near 108th Street in Kent County’s Byron Township to 146th Street in Allegan County’s Dorr Township.The sustainable business park would also sort out recycling material, baling it for sale and reuse in the market. “It’s unprecedented because… we’re bringing that all together in one location, which is very unique. And I think will show us not only as a leader in the Midwest, but nationally,” said Dar Baas, director of the Kent County Department of Public Works.

“This is going to be a unique opportunity for West Michigan to actually create a green sustainable industry in West Michigan,” said Tim Mroz from The Right Place economic development agency. “This is the first stone in the pond for us and where does it ripple out from there?” Proposals by Continuus Materials and Anaergia were picked from a group of nine companies. They’re tasked with meeting Kent County’s goal of diverting more than 50% of the waste stream from the landfill, with a path to repurpose 90% of incoming material in the future.

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Author: Christa Ferguson, Wood TV 8
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