Walter Majewski’s love for the environment began at just 3 years old when he took an interest in the garbage and recycling trucks that would pass through his neighborhood. He would chase the trucks on their routes and even became familiar with some of the drivers. Now 10 years old, Walter’s passion has grown and evolved to include composting.

He began the practice a few years ago after he got connected with Dirt Wain, a Fort Wayne company dedicated to composting and other sustainable practices. “There’s more and more pollution being made every day, so I wanted to do something to help at least a little bit,” said Walter, who will be a 5th grader next year at Croninger Elementary School.

With the help of Brett Bloom, founding manager of Dirt Wain, Walter has his composting game down to a science. His family keeps a small, green bucket in their kitchen where they throw food scraps, like banana peels and coffee grounds. The bucket gets dumped into a 64-gallon compost bin in their garage in which they also gather yard waste and other compostable materials, and the bin gets picked up weekly by Dirt Wain.

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Author: Emily Dwire,