Leadpoint introduces its restructured Recycling Operations Support Team, designed to deliver comprehensive assistance to field operations and customers. This team is geared towards streamlining MRF, PRF and polymer site startups, ensuring site compliance and nurturing customer relationships. They also assist in fostering the implementation of Leadpoint’s high performance work team model and training Onsite Managers and Contingent Workforce Coordinators while achieving key performance indicators.

Chad Bebber has been promoted to Director of Operations Support. Since joining Leadpoint in 2018, Bebber’s held diverse leadership roles, including Workforce Optimization Team Leader, East Region Director of Operations and East Region Director of Sales. Chad’s extensive industry knowledge makes him a valuable asset as he assumes this position. In this role, Chad will oversee operations support for US recycling locations.

James Hamner, Jeffrey Bailey, Andre Robinson and Michael Nunez, all previously successful Onsite Managers, have been named Operations Support Managers. Leveraging their on-site experience, they will collaboratively align customer expectations with operational demands to enhance support and efficiency. Hamner’s transition to Operations Support Manager will be in a full-time capacity. Bailey, Robinson, and Nunez will continue to support Leadpoint sites as Onsite Managers when not engaged in operational support assignments.

Bebber emphasized the diverse skill set required by the Operations Support Managers. He explained, “They need not only a deep understanding of recycling operations but also the ability to analyze data, identify root causes of poor performance and strategize sustainable corrective actions. This team’s strength lies in its collective capacity, with each member contributing unique expertise that allows us to effectively resolve the challenges we encounter.”

Len Christopher, Leadpoint’s Chief Operating Officer, concluded, “Our Operations Support Team continues to function at a high level. Their unwavering dedication to aiding our customers and field leadership is a testament to their professionalism and commitment. Through their tireless efforts, they not only provide assistance but also pave the way for seamless operations and satisfied stakeholders.”

For more information, visit www.leadpointusa.com.