An average of 50 tons of glass gets thrown into the landfill each week in Evansville; a majority of that accumulation comes from businesses in the city. Carl Arnheiter, the owner of Arcademie, says they go through at least 10 cases of liquor a week, not to count individual small glass bottles.

“I never counted how many, I just know, ‘oh this is a lot of glass’, enough to fill up the back of my Subaru on a weekly basis,” says Arnheiter. It’s a problem many other bar owners and businesses face. Due to this many local bars have joined forces by creating their own glass collection to recycle.

With no place in Evansville, they’ve had to resort to taking it to other counties. Allen has even taken it upon herself to collect other people’s glass and take it to glass recycling centers. It takes hours out of someone’s week transporting that glass, but they say it provides an eco-friendly solution while saving businesses hundreds on waste supplies.

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