Logistic Recycling Inc. has recently launched a specialized electronic waste recycling service that enables commercial, governmental and industrial establishments to safely handover their e-waste for recycling. Computer components such as monitors, keyboards, and CPUs contain toxic metals and are classified as hazardous waste by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Their disposal in landfills violates hazardous waste compliance rules that incur heavy fines and certain liabilities. With the launch, the company aims to provide a safe and legally compliant way for customers to get rid of obsolete electronic parts while saving them time, cost, and resources.

The good thing for institutions is that though disposal for the electronic waste is bound by strict laws, they are subject to reduced regulation when it comes to recycling them. This means that institutions can transport their obsolete and damaged electronic parts, or get them collected without a solid or hazardous waste transporter’s license or hazardous waste manifest, making the collection process less complicated. Logistic Recycling Inc. ensures that every electronic waste they collect from customers is fully recycled with no part getting landfilled. This allows institutions that enlist the service to remain clear of any penalty or liability related to improper disposal of hazardous waste.

The pickup process is simple. LRI runs regular pickup routes throughout the Midwest region from their location in Green Bay. Establishments that want to enlist the service can simply call the company, make a request, and schedule a pickup on the next visit. For pickups outside their regular service area, the LRI employs commercial common carrier transporters. It runs both straight trucks and semi-trailer so no amount is too large for a pick up.

During the launch, the company’s president said, “At Logistics Recycling, we make sustainability and compliance simple to save our customers time, money and resources. Our Commitment to innovation and exceptional service delivers streamlined solutions to a wide range of businesses, from healthcare facilities and office buildings to manufacturing and industrial. We collect, manage and dispose of regulated waste streams cost-effectively and efficiently so our customers can focus on running their business rather than worrying about their waste.”

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Author: EIN Newswires