Lucro, a leading waste management, recycling and manufacturing brand committed to creating a circular plastics economy and Good Flippin’ Burgers, a socially conscious brand have come together to ensure the efficient collection and recycling of used water bottles. Under this collaboration, Lucro is collecting used water bottles from the latter’s outlets and facilitating recycling of the same to ensure no bottle goes to landfill.

The approach to recycling involves an integrated and streamlined process. Once the Good Flippin’ Burgers storage reaches capacity, the dedicated team from Lucro collects the bottles from various locations, ensuring a swift and efficient recycling process. Since the inception of the collaboration, over 30,000 bottles have been collected for recycling, contributing significantly to the reduction of environmental impact. Diverting this plastic from its end-of-life fate has led to a reduction in CO2-eq atmospheric emission of approximately: 993 kgs. This partnership exemplifies the dedication of both brands to foster environmentally responsible practices within the corporate sector.

Lucro’s dedication to sustainable practices extends beyond its current partnerships. The brand envisions expanding its network of collaborations to promote responsible waste management further. By partnering with businesses committed to sustainability, the aim to create a ripple effect, inspiring others to adopt environmentally conscious practices. As Lucro continues to champion sustainable initiatives, it invites businesses and organizations to join in creating a greener and more sustainable future.

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Author: PR Newswire
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