Lytx® Inc. celebrated the best of the best with its 2023 Driver and Coach of the Year awards. Each of these winners demonstrated a commitment to using Lytx’s safety technology to advance their driving and customer service skills while improving their companies’ leadership by serving as peer mentors and instructors. This year, Lytx selected the winners and runners-up of the Driver of the Year and Coach of the Year from five different categories: Services/Utilities, Transit/Motor Coach, For-Hire Trucking, Private Trucking, and Waste/Construction. These awards recognize the dedication of these drivers and coaches to achieve their companies’ safety and operational goals, while staying accident-free using the Lytx Driver Safety Program.

“We applaud these deserving drivers and coaches for their continued efforts and commitment to making the roadways a safer place for everyone,” said David Riordan, Lytx’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise. “Each year we conduct these awards, we are captivated by the incredible stories of our transportation professionals, reminded of how valuable they are to our communities, and humbled that they chose Lytx to help train and execute their safety improvement programs.”

Lytx technology analyzes over 221 billion miles of driving data – more than any other solution on the market – and uses it to fuel the Lytx Driver Safety Program, which combines machine vision, AI, and coaching to accurately detect and correct risky and distracted driving behaviors. As the global leader of video safety and telematics for commercial and public sector transportation fleets, Lytx harnesses the power of video to give drivers and fleets the tools needed to help them improve their safety programs and succeed on today’s roadways.

**Winners – 2023 Driver of the Year**


First Place Winner – Mario Lopez, Jr. (Fairfax County DPWES Stormwater)

Mario, a Smith System certified driver, takes pride in never having had a risky driving coachable event, moving violation, or preventable collision in his eight-year career. As a public service worker and emergency responder to storm events, Mario commonly finds himself in hazardous situations and always prioritizes safety. He spends time mentoring younger drivers in Fairfax County, VA to help them navigate busy suburban roads as a “Behind-the-Wheel” instructor. “My commitment to safe driving comes with the hope that all drivers, pedestrians, residents, and myself return home safely to our families,” Mario says.

Second Place – Andrew DeForest (Professional Teleconcepts, LLC)

Third Place – Billy Scott (

Transit/Motor Coach

First Place Winner – Michael Warner (First Transit Houston RAC)

Michael has been with First Transit Houston for seven years and driving for ten. An active participant in all monthly safety meetings, he also received the monthly Safe Driver Award for having no DriveCam events six months in a row. Passengers regularly send his company messages praising his patient, safe driving and stellar customer service. He is an experienced professional driver dedicated to the transit industry. Michael says, “For me, being a professional driver means I drive for other people…I always try to do my job the way it’s supposed to be done, without taking shortcuts.”

Second Place – Annie Gonzalez (MV Transportation)

Third Place – Chris Smith (RATP DEV)

Trucking – For Hire

First Place Winner – Sam Landrum (Maverick Transportation, LLC)

Sam has been driving for 35 years, 29 with Maverick. Each time a driver travels a million miles for a company without a single preventable accident, they earn a Million Mile Safe Driving Award. Sam has earned the Three Million Mile designation. To Sam, being courteous is the most important task in maintaining both customer service and company goals. “The key is not to allow things or others to bother you,” Sam says. Over the years, Sam says that beneficial technology, such as cameras and adaptive cruise control, have been helpful to all drivers in preventing accidents.

Second Place – Bill Nolan (Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.)

Third Place – Barney (Conway) Penny (TransWood)

Trucking – Private Fleet

First Place Winner – Keith Whyley (A&K Enns Trucking Ltd.)

Keith has been driving 36 years with no accidents or tickets, winning the 10-Year Safety Award from Federated Cooperatives Limited (FCL) in 2017. For the past 15 years, Keith has been training new drivers for A&K Enns Trucking Ltd., and notes that his driving and coaching success is due to three simple things: “I like to treat others how I would like to be treated. I follow all rules and regulations put out by my company and take all training courses required to do my job.”

Second Place – Hector Vega (Vitalant)


First Place Winner – Timothy Holmes (Manatt’s Inc.)

Tim has been with Manatt’s Inc. for two years and driving for 15 years total. Out of 178 concrete delivery professionals, Tim placed in the Top 10 four out of the eight working months in their Lytx rewards program. In addition, Tim had no risky driving events in 10 months and was involved in two instances of exemplary defensive driving that helped prevent a serious accident. A volunteer fireman in two towns, Tim notes: “Ultimately, I want to get home to my family at the end of the day. To be honest, the way Manatt’s has utilized Lytx has increased the odds of this happening for me, and for that I am grateful.”

Second Place – Regina “Gina” Chacon (Waste Connections)

Third Place – Roy Malfarina (Lambert’s Cable Splicing)

“Behind every successful professional driver is an equally talented and dedicated coach,” said Jeff Martin, Lytx’s VP of Global Sales Strategy. “As a former coach, I have a deep appreciation for the teamwork that goes into the driver and coach partnership. This year’s list of winners is representative of the incredible work being done by all transportation professionals who help increase safety on today’s roadways.”

**Winners – 2023 Coach of the Year**


First Place Winner – Randy Stevens (American Medical Response, Southern Virginia)

Second Place – Louis Jackson (Fairfax County Government, DPWES)

Third Place – Bob Bolotniuk (Badger Daylighting Corporation)

Transit/Motor Coach

First Place Winner – Doris Sneed (First Transit)

Second Place – Terrin Stafford (MV Transportation)

Third Place – Abel Desiderio (Illinois Central School Bus)

Trucking – For Hire

First Place Winner – Robert Sams (Hub Group)

Second Place – Kenneth Wasmund (Cargo Transporters, Inc.)

Third Place – Ralph Hamilton (Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.)

Trucking – Private Fleet

Second Place – Daniel Miller (Evolve Logistics Group)

Third Place – Kevin Mowers (Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling)


First Place Winner – Tony Porter (Waste Management)

Second Place – Mitch Priest (Green Team of San Jose)

Third Place – Monica Scott (Dycom)

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