Magaldi Technologies, LLC, a Georgia based division of Italian technology supplier Magaldi Group, and Advanced Recycling Technologies, LLC of Flemington, NJ have announced a North American Alliance Agreement focused on the Waste to Energy market. “Our focus at Advanced Recycling Technologies (ART) is to maximize recovery of recyclable metals from waste streams like incinerator ashes through creative and efficient solutions. The Magaldi Superbelt® bottom ash conveyor significantly increases metal capture while simultaneously reducing disposal costs by controlling moisture necessary for ash quenching.  Knock-on benefits include less corrosion and lower ash handling system maintenance costs. This makes for a well-run plant and happy business partners,” said Steve Bossotti, PE, Chief Executive Officer at ART.

“Steve has over 3 decades of experience in waste to energy facilities. His technical skills and leadership qualities enable him to rapidly deploy innovative technologies for high return on investment (ROI). He has put together and led elite engineering, operations and maintenance teams in execution of complex workstreams and his business acumen and ability to execute has advanced the understanding and recovery of metals from incinerator ashes. That makes ART an ideal partner for us in North America” said Paolo Magaldi, Chief Executive Officer at Magaldi Group. Working together, ART and Magaldi Group will deploy self-amortizing technology that will reduce CO2 emissions and improve a WTE facility’s carbon footprint.

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