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In the Spotlight

A.J. Blosenski, Inc. A Strong Foundation 

With a hands-on approach that involves strategic partnerships, giving back to the communities they serve and enthusiastically tackling challenges that come their way, A.J. Blosenski, Inc. continues to be one of the largest and most well-respected family owned trash and recycling companies in Pennsylvania.



Using Grapple Trucks as Part of Your Collection System

Grapple trucks complement refuse fleets by making your organization a one-stop-shop for all refuse collection. It makes a multi-person job, a one-person task. With that comes safety and efficiency—something all operations seek.

Sam Petersen


Food Waste Management

The Necessity of Frugality: America’s Fight with Food Waste

In a time of consciousness, shifting ideology towards environmental sustainability and stewardship, there is no need to look far to find the next green technology, revolutionary gadget or gizmo. What would really benefit the environment, economy, society and your wallet is watching what you waste.

Shaun Wakefield



The Green Light for Safety

Ensuring safety with heavy-haul trailers.

Troy Geisler



Landfill Best Practices: Benchmarking for Improvement

At the end of the day, ensure that your whole team understands the areas that add or decrease productive distances that can hurt efficiencies, stressing and managing proper layer heights for your waste and machine size, as well as keep them communicating. Don’t settle for anything less.

Tom Griffith


Container Management

Tracking and Managing Container Assets

A container management company that leverages technology, employs proven processes, and repairs as well as manages a hauler’s inventory, distinguishes itself as an emerging asset to any hauler’s operations.

James J. Philipps



Add Mobile Shredding to Your Waste Hauling Business

With the rise of digital and online storage, more and more paper is becoming unneeded, yet needs to be destroyed properly.  You can help companies save space by offering mobile shredding in or order to eliminate the need to hold on to unnecessary paper documentation.

Shane Schmidt



Options for Haulers When Converting a Rear Load Route to Front Load

Converting and changing your entire operation is a daunting one for any hauler. Thankfully, with the advent of technology catching up with the ideas and needs within the industry, the decision to change to the safer front load system doesn’t have to break the bank.

Bob Sill


Recycling Case Study

On the Road to Recycling

Making new roads from old asphalt saves natural resources. Pinpointing the locations of these reusable materials maximizes the conservation of dwindling aggregate reserves.

Max Glaskin