State Rep. Dan Troy, D-Willowick, has announced that Mayfield will receive a $200,000 Recycle Grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, which Mayor Brenda Bodnar said will be used to purchase two new curbside leaf collection machines. The funds come from $2 million allocated by the Ohio EPA and authorized by the Ohio General Assembly for recycling and litter prevention in Northeast Ohio.

The grant is intended to fund a curbside recycling program to collect leaves and yard debris that is later returned to residents as mulch. This process helps keep yard waste out of landfills and local waterways. “I am pleased to announce this funding going to the Village of Mayfield,” Troy said in a press release. “Using an innovative recycling concept, yard waste will be collected and repurposed as mulch. I encourage all residents of Mayfield Village to participate in this program.”

Also in the release, Bodnar said: “We are so pleased to be receiving a $200,000 recycling grant from the Ohio EPA that will be used to purchase two new curbside leaf machines. The equipment is very expensive, and this grant will allow us to continue our popular program of collecting leaves and yard debris from residents each fall and returning it to them in the form of mulch in the spring. Our leaf collection program keeps an estimated 600 tons of yard waste from ending up in a landfill or local waterway each year,” she said.
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Author: Jeff Piorkowski,