Mesa County Hazardous Waste Collection Facility manages over 280,000 pounds of hazardous waste annually from local homes and businesses. It recently awarded a $200,000 contract extension with Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc., which has over 40 years of expertise in the field. Hazardous waste management includes various materials, each necessitating different disposal methods such as incineration, transport to hazardous waste landfills, or recycling.

Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. secured the contract through a competitive bidding process in 2022. They possess essential resources, including service centers, transportation, and disposal facilities, to ensure that the collected waste is disposed of safely and complies with regulations. A key element in hazardous waste management is the tracking of waste. Documenting and verifying every stage, from collection to final disposal, is essential. Clean Harbors provides comprehensive tracking reports detailing the journey of waste from the facility to its final disposal site.

The contract amendment and extension signify more than a mere administrative procedure. It represents a commitment to ensuring that hazardous waste in Mesa County is managed efficiently and responsibly, thereby protecting the environment and the health of its residents.

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