Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer unveiled an $80.7 billion spending proposal for the state’s next budget cycle, calling for a handful of initiatives centered around a “Michigan Guarantee” of educational access and economic opportunities.

During a presentation to the House and Senate Appropriations committees, Whitmer and state budget officials laid out a spending blueprint for several of the administration priorities, including universal preschool, free community college for high school graduates, a caregiver tax credit and a rebate program for new vehicle purchases.

Whitmer wants to raise $80 million in new revenue by increasing the tipping fee, a tax paid by landfill owners, to bring Michigan into “competitive parity with neighboring states.” The funds would pay for contaminated site cleanup, landfill mediation, and preparing sites for future economic development with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the lifespan of Michigan landfills.

Elsewhere in the budget, Whitmer proposed setting aside $7 million for the Michigan Public Service Commission to hire 31 new positions for implementing new clean energy laws. Those laws call for the state to be carbon neutral by 2050 and require utilities to get 100% of their energy from clean energy sources by 2040.

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Author: Lauren Gibbons, Bridge Michigan
Lauren Gibbons, Bridge Michigan