Microsoft, Junk Kouture, and Best Buy have joined forces in driving eco-conscious habits, responsibly recycling old electronics, and a shared commitment to sustainability. The trio are amplifying and empowering the voices of New York’s young creatives, offering them a platform to inspire nationwide recycling efforts, drive change in support of a brighter future, powered by the versatility of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9. The quest begins with high school students participating in the Junk Kouture program, the world’s largest youth sustainable fashion competition, which aims to inspire the next generation to leverage their creativity and innovative spirit to create avant-garde designs with recycled materials and old tech.

As part of the collaboration, Best Buy—the nation’s largest retail collector of e-waste—along with Microsoft and Junk Kouture, is encouraging customers to do their part and make a positive impact on the environment. During Earth Month in April, customers can bring in any eligible laptop or tablet for recycling and save $50 on a Surface device. “Through this innovative moment with Best Buy and Microsoft, we are merging the worlds of fashion, technology, and sustainability. At Junk Kouture, we strive to empower aspiring designers to view waste as tomorrow’s resources, while also showcasing the creative talent of students who are pioneering behavioral changes in recycling,” says Jane Smith, Chief Content Officer at Junk Kouture.

By incorporating the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 into the creative process of their wearable designs, alongside Microsoft 365 applications, students are equipped to unleash unprecedented levels of productivity and creativity. This enables them to breathe new life into repurposed materials that weave together their global message, eco-conscious habits and fashion statements. With thread and tech at their fingertips, the next-gen changemakers are set to transform the way we think about fashion, using technology not just as a tool, but as an inspiration for creating unique designs from waste.

Emilie Bridon, Microsoft’s Americas Channel Marketing Director, emphasized the company’s commitment to empowering individuals worldwide to achieve more: “Our initiative is rooted in championing the creative minds who possess the instinct and imagination to forge real change. By providing them with the tools and platforms necessary to further their message, we generate the capacity for them to make a lasting impact, while setting new benchmarks for how we all can partake in the action of shaping the future.

“Sustainability has been at the core of what we do at Best Buy for decades and a large part of that is our commitment to working with our customers to help them make a positive impact on the planet,” said Tim Dunn, Head of Environmental Sustainability. “We’re proud to join forces with Microsoft and Junk Kouture to raise awareness about how easy it is to responsibly recycle your old tech, create positive change and leave a lasting, beneficial impact on the planet.”

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