In a pilot program that is now accepting applications, the township is looking to gauge resident participation and interest in a new composting program. The partnership on the project is between the Township of Millburn, in conjunction with the Millburn Environmental Commission and working alongside Java’s Compost. The project will last for six months.

Working with Java’s Compost, based in West Orange, participants will bring their food waste to the Millburn Town Yard, located behind the Department of Public Works building, where it will be collected weekly and brought to a composting site in Andover, NJ. Training will be provided to participants as part of the program.

Up to 55 households will be accepted into the program on a first-come, first-served basis per time of submission and certification of payment to the Township. Once the program reaches capacity, the township will maintain a waitlist for additional interested participants. Any residents already working with Java’s Compost will be ineligible for the program.

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Author: Matthew Kass,
Image: Millburn Township