Murfreesboro city council voted unanimously to approve the next steps for building a waste transfer station that would also turn trash into renewable energy. The $65 million project is part of the commitment with WastAway. A Tennessee-based company specializing in converting waste into different forms of biofuel.

City officials approved an agreement with the company earlier this year, with $2.5 million allocated for designing a transfer station and renewable energy facility. Murfreesboro would cover $17.5 million for the transfer station, meanwhile, the remaining $50 million for the renewable energy facility would come from private investors and or revenue bonds. These are bonds supported by the revenue of selling the newly developed fuel source.

City officials sent a statement saying, “The City also anticipates that a significant portion of the project—up to 25.5%–would be paid through tax credits or rebates available through the Inflation Reduction Act. These credits could reduce the total cost of the project by over $16.5 million, from $65 million to $48.4 million. Regardless of funding source, the City’s top priority is to preserve reliable trash pickup at a reasonable price without being overly dependent on unreliable landfills.”

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Author: Levi Ismail, News Channel 5 Nashville
Image: News Channel 5 Nashville