Are satellite TV dishes recyclable or not? Depending on who you ask, the proper method of disposal or recycling for a satellite TV dishes can be as clear as … well, a fuzzy TV signal. First off, let’s tune in to what materials make up a satellite TV dish. Satellite TV dishes are primarily made up of the following materials:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Circuit board/hardware

These components plainly make the satellite dish a member of the electronic waste category. Personal computer, mobile phone, and many other electronic appliances makers are actively recycling their products. They can be dropped off at local e-waste recyclers in most communities, but few services provide for removal of the system from a roof or balcony.

While plastic and metal are both recyclable, the satellite industry itself still seems to be sending mixed signals when it comes to overall disposal. To complicate matters more, U.S. federal guidelines do not regulate circuit boards as hazardous waste, although some states (California, for example) mandate the recycling of e-waste, which includes satellite TV dishes.

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