A new company, specializing in recycling technology, has opened its doors in Kensington, NH. swissRTec America, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of swissRTec International of Switzerland. SwissRTec sells technology and mechanical systems to the recycling industry on an international scale. With the opening of the U.S. office, swissRTec is now seeking to expand sales in the North American market.

“SwissRTec is a leader in designing, building and commissioning turn-key e-waste, scrap metal and ASR (automotive shredder residue) recycling facilities,” says Bernhard Mueggler, president and CEO of the American branch. “The company’s core focus is the shredding, delamination and separation of valuable raw materials from waste compound materials such as electronic scrap, cables, printed circuit boards, automotive shredder residue, white goods, mixed scrap metal, aluminum composites and other
items. With our technology, valuable metals and raw materials can be recovered and reutilized in the manufacture of new goods and materials.”

SwissRTec is known for its development of the industry-leading Delamination Mill; this “impact mill” uses thousands of collisions to break down pre-shredded composite materials, isolate various components, then mill them into tiny, smooth balls which are easily separated. “Our technology allows for excellent ball shaping in a single pass through the mill,” says Mueggler. “This results in high throughput and low operating, tooling and maintenance costs. The milling process allows for a high recovery rate of valuable material, such as copper and aluminum, during subsequent separation efforts, and the purity of the material is exceptional.”
Mario Zoellig, founder and chairman of SwissRTec International, sees many benefits to U.S. companies who are currently involved in recycling or seeking to expand into that area. “The recycling industry is growing in the United States and our technology and equipment adds value to any system. Companies can increase their yield of valuable materials that they remove from the waste stream which allows for greater resale opportunities.”
Mueggler has successfully helmed two previous U.S. startups, and both were involved in recycling and environmentally-based technologies. A native of Switzerland, he has now lived in the States for 18 years and is eager to aid in the development of a successful Swiss-U.S. partnership.  “I believe that ultimately, the technology and components that swissRTec offers will help create American jobs,” he says. “We definitely plan to utilize local suppliers at swissRTec America; they will be a key part of our enterprise. And, as the U.S. gets more and more into processing their own electronic and ASR waste, rather than sending that waste overseas, we will see the development of further enterprises involved in this industry. When repurposed materials are kept here, it automatically leads to more manufacturing. It is a win-win for everyone. I am excited about the role SwissRTec can potentially play as we move forward.”
For more information, visit www.swissrtec.com.