The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) is now accepting applications for fiscal year 2024 Recycling and Illegal Dumping (RAID) Fund grants for scrap tire management, illegal dumpsite abatement, recycling, and composting projects. Municipalities, counties, pueblos, nations, tribes, solid waste authorities, cooperative associations (as defined in the RAID Act), and land grant communities are eligible for funding.

A total of $800,000 will be available in the upcoming fiscal year. Two-thirds of the RAID fund will be awarded for scrap tire management and abatement projects, and one-third of the fund will be awarded for recycling projects and illegal dumpsite abatement. Matching funds and in-kind contributions are not required but are encouraged.

The RAID grant is a reimbursement grant program which provides funding for the prevention and abatement of illegal dumpsites, scrap tire abatement and management, and the development of recycling programs and infrastructure. Grant funding may also be used to develop educational outreach and marketing campaigns. A list of previously funded projects is available on the NMED website under Solid Waste Bureau, RAID Grants.

“RAID grants provide vital funding to assist communities in addressing illegal dumping and the proper disposal of scrap tires in New Mexico,” Solid Waste Bureau Chief Joan Snider said. “This program funds projects that keep neighborhoods healthy, safe, and pollution free. Eligible entities should submit applications in order to take advantage of this opportunity.”

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Author: Carol A. Clark, Los Alamos Daily Post
Image: NMED