How2Recycle is happy to announce its newest member: Niagara Bottling. Niagara’s consumers will soon see How2Recycle packaging labels emerge into the marketplace. These efforts will support the company’s mission of integrating sustainability into its merchandise by taking the guesswork out of recycling.

Niagara has always been passionate about providing the market with products that not only benefits its customers but also the environment. For instance, Niagara’s Eco-Air Package® reduces CO2 emissions by removing the package’s cardboard tray, allowing more cases to fit on a pallet, thereby reducing total shipments. In addition, because of its reduced weight, Niagara’s Eco-Air Bottle® has reduced its use of plastic by over 60% in the past 15 years. Today, the public can participate in the efforts made by Niagara to produce 100% recycled water bottles by replacing the cap on the bottle and recycling it when finished.

“Niagara Bottling has always been a leader in packaging innovation, plastic reduction, and recycled content usage and as such, it is encouraging consumers to recycle their valuable package more, and more accurately,” said Caroline Cox, Project Manager with the How2Recycle program. “We’re thrilled to welcome Niagara Bottling to the program as How2Recycle continues to grow and empower consumers to recover more and better.”

How2Recycle is committed to implementing its program throughout the country one company at a time. The label is versatile in that it can be attached to various products, no matter how big or small and it is applicable to a wide range of materials. Instructions that clearly demonstrate a package’s proper disposal is essential in educating the public on the importance of waste reduction. Due to the fact that Niagara is strongly committed to packaging innovation, How2Recycle is very pleased to welcome the company in our program’s mission of promoting a more sustainable lifestyle for the planet.

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