With the evolution of electronic devices, most households across the state have equipment that was once innovative but has quickly become antiquated and painfully slow. Disposing of those antiquated devices is not always an easy task, but some government and recycling  officials are hoping that will change.

“Some counties have programs, and some don’t. There is really no statewide program, which this legislation would require. We want to try to make electronic recycling uniform around the state, ” said state Sen. Christopher “Kip” Bateman, R-16th District, who along with Sen. Bob Smith, D-17th District, sponsored Senate Bill 981 that calls for revisions to the Electronic Waste Recycling Act. The bill passed the Senate in March. An identical bill, No. 4763,  is in the Assembly.

“There’s a great deal of electronic waste in the street and in the woods,” Bateman said. “The proposed legislation would require the manufacturers to basically recycle their market share in weight.” Bateman said the bill has been around a couple of sessions. Last session, he said, the governor pocket vetoed the bill. According to the state Department of Environmental Protection, the Electronic Waste Recycling Act, which took effect in 2011. requires manufacturers to set up a free and convenient system for collection of “covered” electronics — TVs, computers, monitors, laptops and e-readers.

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