NWRA joined with other associations on a letter to senators and representatives urging support for comprehensive data privacy legislation. California passed consumer data protection legislation more than three years ago, and other states have followed creating a patchwork of data privacy laws and regulations with vastly different duties, scopes, and methods of enforcement. “With each new privacy law adopted by a state, compliance becomes more challenging and confusing,” said NWRA President and CEO Darrell Smith. “We strongly urge Congress to bring regulatory certainty to this issue with the passage of one national standard that provides meaningful and robust protections for consumers.”

Setting a single nationwide standard for consumer data privacy would benefit waste and recycling companies and their customers who are increasingly interacting with their providers online to order services or make payments. Data is foundational to America’s 21st-century economic growth and keeping society safe, healthy, and inclusive. Fundamental to the use of data is trust and a national privacy law that is clear and fair to businesses and consumers.

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