Pennsylvania Resources Council’s Traveling Glass Bin Program – which, as part of PRC’s broader glass recycling collaborative, has provided a free recycling service rotating through a variety of locations in western Pennsylvania since 2020 — is piloting an expansion to the southeastern region of the state beginning with an October engagement in Delaware County.

“Since scheduling the first bin appearance in Allegheny County three-plus years ago, PRC and partners have collected 4,000 tons of glass to become new bottles, jars and jugs,” according to PRC Executive Director Darren Spielman. “We’re excited this fall to introduce the recycling opportunity to residents of Delaware County as a pilot program to gather data to enable us to expand the program across the state.”

Throughout the remainder of the year, PRC will schedule several source-separated glass recycling bin “pop ups” in the southeastern region. Residents will find the first blue recycling bin appearance October 21 – 26 in Naylors Run Park in Upper Darby Township, Delaware County.

Throughout the six-day engagement, individuals can drop off glass bottles, jars and jugs of all colors (no color sorting required) daily from 7 a.m. to sundown. Containers should be empty and rinsed, with lids and labels still on. Bags and boxes used to deliver glass must be discarded off-site.

PRC launched its glass recycling campaign in 2019 with a series of pop-up events in response to the elimination of glass in numerous curbside programs. Last year alone, PRC’s program enabled 45,000 households in western Pennsylvania to drop off glass bottles, jars and jugs for recycling.

PRC’s Traveling Glass Recycling Bin Program is sponsored by Owens-Illinois, Inc. and CAP Glass and is made possible through partnerships with Michael Brothers Hauling and Tri State Waste. “Glass is still one of the most recyclable materials we generate in our homes, and the market for glass recycling is very strong,” according to PRC Glass Program Coordinator Ethan Woodfill.  “When you take the time to use glass-only drop-off sites, nearly 100 percent of the glass collected is recycled into new bottles and jars, while curbside programs are only able to capture up to 70 percent of glass for recycling.  A bottle, jar or jug dropped in a bin today could be recycled and back on a store shelf in less than 30 days.”

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