Residents will now be able to continue recycling glass this June in part of Pennsylvania’s Resources Council’s “traveling glass bin program.”  This initiative comes after 20 South Hills communities received a new waste hauling contract at the beginning of 2019 telling residents not to put any glass in recycling bins for curbside pickup. Since then, PRC hosted 27 glass collection events last year to make up for the change – ending up collecting around 200 tons of glass. “What we learned in 2019 is that there are many communities that recognize glass recycling is a basic and essential recycling service that needs to be available to their residents and be able to provide a solution,” PRC’s Environmental Program Coordinator Ashley DiGregorio said.

And in the midst of a pandemic, the drop-off is designed to be a contact-free, self-serve service that will be monitored. While the organization is still evaluating what protocols they will introduce to keep the donation site contact-free, Ms. DiGregorio said they are thinking of having one volunteer monitor the site and have traffic cones and other signage to make sure people are keeping a distance while dropping off glass.

The bin’s first appearance, hosted by Hampton Township and state Rep. Lori Mizgorski, will be held at the Hampton Community Swimming Pool from June 6-11. “I am pleased we are able to provide this service,” Ms. Mizgorski said in a press release. “This will be a great opportunity for our residents to safely and responsibly recycle their glass.”

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Author: Lauren Lee, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Image: Pam Panchak, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette