Peterbilt announces it has received a 2024 Environment + Energy (E+E) Leader Award for its dedication to sustainability and innovation. For over a decade, the E+E Leader Awards program has celebrated the exceptional advancements made in the realms of environmental, sustainability and energy management. The award recognizes those who contribute and set new standards in the industry. Winners of the award are leaders in environmental initiatives and energy management, with their achievements serving as benchmarks for excellence across the globe. 

Peterbilt is committed to reduce emissions and promote sustainability and diverts 13.2 million pounds of waste annually from its operations and also encourages landfill diversion among local suppliers. 82% of this waste is recycled, 17% is fuel blended and 1% is composted. Peterbilt strategies for waste reduction include using reusable containers instead of single-use packaging, minimizing excess material, reusing materials on-site and improving operational efficiency. Peterbilt also facilitates an annual employee environmental fair to raise sustainability awareness and holds a household hazardous waste collection, promoting diversion of such waste from local landfills in the community. 

“Peterbilt has been at the forefront of environmental excellence for decades, achieving the Zero Waste to Landfill designation over 15 years ago, which recognizes companies that handle waste in environmentally responsible and innovative ways,” said Leon Handt, Peterbilt assistant general manager, operations. “We are very proud to receive the 2024 Environment + Energy Leader Award and remain committed to reducing land and water pollution, emissions and climate impact to ensure a sustainable environment for future generations.” 

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