As the sport of pickleball continues its meteoric rise as one of the most popular athletic and recreational activities in the U.S, with over 9 million active players, Veolia North America has signed on as a national partner and official sustainability provider for the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA Tour) – a three-year partnership that aligns with Veolia’s mission to support organizations and industries that want to become more environmentally sustainable.

Veolia will help pickleball become America’s leading green sport and showcase the many ways that exist to protect precious natural resources such as clean water, soil and air. For example, at each of the tour stops, the Group plans to work with PPA to set up stations that provide clean drinking water and show how Veolia innovations and technology hold enormous promise for solving the challenges posed by drought and diminishing water resources caused by climate change.

“We’re partnering with PPA and exploring ways to reduce the impact of public events so millions of people can continue to enjoy the thrill of sports while minimizing their impact on the environment,” said Veolia North America’s Chief Sustainability Officer Dave Ross. “We will start with improving waste collection, increasing recycling percentages, providing sustainable water refill stations and evaluating the carbon footprint of the PPA Tour. As a recent survey found, most organizations have sustainability goals but they don’t know how to achieve them.  We can provide the ‘how’ as we do for clients all over the world.”

“By embracing sustainable practices, organizations can reduce costs, attract funding and sponsors, and ensure their long-term viability in a highly competitive field. Large-scale sporting events are the ideal platform to showcase commitment to positive environmental and social change, which has a global impact. Thanks to Veolia’s expertise and the commitment of the PPA Tour, pickleball is set to become a leading green sport in America, inspiring others to follow suit and champion a greener future,” said Veolia North America President and CEO Frederic Van Heems.

“Veolia is a perfect partner for the PPA Tour as a leader in innovation and transformation in the sustainability space,” said Connor Pardoe, Founder and CEO of the PPA Tour. “We are excited to collaborate with Veolia as we become increasingly environmentally conscious at our tournaments across the country and can think of no better partner with whom to champion this effort.”

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