Global waste management market is flourishing, and while home-garbage remains the most prominent segment, with electronic goods quickly gaining demand, plastic recycling remains the main area of concern that has most countries focused on.

According to a recent study by Ecoce, a non-governmental organization that acts as umbrella group for the stakeholders of the food and beverages sector, PET plastic recycling escalated 50 percent in 2016 in the region of Americas. In other words, as much as 57 percent of total plastic consumed by the region was recovered, which is a remarkable effort from the vendors operating in the waste management market in North America. These figures are similar to the ones released by the European Union, a clear evidence of rising efforts across the globe to reduce plastic pollution.

Mexico Largest Plastic Recycler in Americas

A phenomenal amount, 425,000 tonnes of plastic was recycled in 2016, which was a whole 50% increase from the previous year, with Mexico emerging as the largest recycler of PET plastic containers in the region of Americas. Mexico’s recycling plants processed nearly 56 percent of the plastic themselves while other 44 percent was exported to other countries such as the U.S. and China.

Mexico waste management market currently has an investment of US$340.0 mn, according to the Ecoce study, exhibiting a capacity to process 312,000 tonnes of waste, with an employee strength of 2,400 people who work directly and 35,000 indirectly. Several beverage companies are building recycling plants in the country, which augurs well for the future of Mexico recycling market.

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