Portage County Solid Waste held an electronic and small appliance recycling collection event at the Portage County Transfer Facility.  Thanks to special funding Portage County Solid Waste could offer this event at no charge. Up to 25 small appliance items were recycled for a discounted price of just $10. The recycled items ranged from TV’s to even old printers.

“(For) $10, you can get rid of 25 TV’s if you want to. Otherwise, we charge $26 for a TV (and) $20 for a microwave. So, it’s a deal,” Amanda Haffele, the Solid Waste Director of Portage County, said. The waste facility teamed up with ‘Dynamic Lifecycle Solutions’ which is based in La Crosse. Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations is a full-service electronics and materials lifecycle management corporation that safeguards customers’ sensitive data and protects the environment from e-waste and other pollutants.

“Some of the reasons we show up, you know, to serve in the community. Other reasons, we’re just, you know, trying to keep things out of the landfills,” said Spencer Vrieze, forklift operator for Dynamic Lifecycle Solutions. This is the third recycling event this year. They served around 400 people across Portage County.

To read the full story, visit https://www.wsaw.com/2024/04/14/portage-county-offers-small-appliance-recycling-their-waste-facility/.
Author: Samuel Dehring, WSAW-TV 7