PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips professional displays and dedicated AV software solutions, announces the launch of the MUSE Digital Art Award, a new world-first, environment-inspired international competition connecting artistic visionaries with industry-leading sustainable technology. Aligned with PPDS’ ambitions to empower more energy-efficient and eco-friendly business, leisure and learning environments through sustainable technology, this exciting new cultural initiative invites artists to help imagine and inspire ‘The Energy for Tomorrow’.

The MUSE Digital Art Award will reward 20 finalists with a money-can’t-buy opportunity to present their work at the world’s first ‘zero emission’ art exhibition, hosted by PPDS, inside a prestigious international institution in Milan, Italy in November. PPDS is working closely with several art schools, colleges and universities in Italy to encourage participation, of which three will be guaranteed as finalists with the top student artist scooping their own Philips Tableaux display.

The initiative, which was born through a collaboration between Luca Guariniello, Marketing Manager Italy at PPDS, and Julia Rajacic, Art Curator, has received patronage from MNAD (National Museum of Digital Art), an autonomous museum established by the Italian Minister of Culture with the aim of uniting generations and communicating through art the possibility of becoming digitally aware citizens.

Luca Guariniello commented: “In front of the major challenges resulting from the global social and environmental crisis, it has become urgent to find new ways of seeing and doing – finding the energy for tomorrow. Communities facing significant uncertainty need to be more innovative. In this context, the role of creativity together with technology is key in shaping truly innovative future scenarios and experimenting with promising solutions.

“With MUSE, we’re continuing to break new ground, using our multi-awarding zero-power Philips Tableaux displays to deliver the first zero-emission digital art exhibition here in Italy, bringing together the world’s most artistic minds to help inspire us all to do more and safeguard the futures of generations to come.”

Julia Rajacic added: “This initiative represents an opportunity for visual artists to approach a brand-new media and the participants will be the first in all history to create artworks that will then be exhibited on a power-free display. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of artists looking to integrate eco-sustainable guidelines within the creative process, from the studio practice to the exhibition.”

Conducted under strict guidelines, all submissions for the MUSE Digital Art Award must be designed for presentation (in portrait or landscape) on a 25” (16 x 9) Philips Tableaux display and submitted by 20 October 2023. Entries will be individually reviewed by an expert panel of judges, comprising digital art specialists, museum directors, art curators, critics, and renowned international artists, who will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Ron Cottaar, Marketing Director at PPDS, commented: “With MUSE, we’re inviting artists from around the world to share their visions to imagine a better future for the world of tomorrow and inspire us in our transformational journey as individuals, communities, and organisations. While participation is open to artists from all around the world, each year, a country will be designated to host the final exhibition. For the first edition of MUSE, Italy, was the standout choice as the hosting country to pilot this initiative.”

Stefan van Sabben, Global CSR and Sustainability Manager at PPDS, concluded: “At PPDS, we believe actions speak louder than words, and as a business, we have placed sustainability as a top priority. It goes far beyond box ticking, credentials and certifications, instead permeating everything we do, visible through our groundbreaking sustainable hardware and software solutions, as well as behind the scenes in our factories and offices. At the same time, we want our solutions to help inspire change on a local and international scale, and for our industry. MUSE is a wonderful opportunity to amplify this message.”

For more information, visit https://www.ppds.com/muse.