Advantage PressurePro, worldwide leaders in Tire Performance Management Solutions and TPMS technologies, and Truck Systems Technologies (TST), a leading provider of TPMS systems to the North American market, have announced a partnership that will bring to the industry a groundbreaking technology conglomerate. The partnership, which will allow the flow of TST Sensor data through PressurePro’s advanced Intelligent Product offerings, will allow TST customers to utilize PressurePro’s Gateway and Repeater solutions to unlock new monitoring capabilities. “This partnership will help give our end user clients the very best offerings of both PressurePro and TST, leading to maximized savings and efficiencies,” stated Dan Covington, President of TST. “We also feel that it helps further cement both companies as industry innovators.”

Allowing a free transfer of technology capabilities from TST Sensors to the PressurePro Intelligent Product line-up not only gains TST users the ability to communicate tire performance information via the vehicle network, it also opens to TST users enhanced integrated solutions. “By utilizing our advanced Gateway and Repeater platforms, users will be able to take advantage of PressurePro’s established partnerships with leading Telematics solutions, allowing them not only integrated in-cab solutions, but a full gamut of remote monitoring options as well,” stated Jason Zaroor, PressurePro’s Director of Sales. “It’s certainly the first time the market has seen two leading, yet competing, TPMS providers team to provide these kind of offerings to customers. At our core however, we remain committed to helping customers become as efficient, safe and productive as possible, and we see this partnership as another avenue to help achieve that goal.”

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