Prince George’s County’s compost program will include curbside pickup to help fight climate change and its disproportionate impact on communities of color. Prince George’s County has the largest and most advanced composting facility on the East Coast and the largest one in a Black and brown community in the country. “Prince Georgians, I want you to join us in composting, and hear me on this: every meal, every scrap, every Monday,” County Executive Angela Alsobrooks said.

Residents will receive a wheeled green cart and kitchen pail to collect food scraps and yard trim for composting every Monday. “Our composting program, because it’s a municipal composting program, can accept things that you normally wouldn’t compost in your backyard,” Prince George’s County Department of the Environment Director Andrea Crooms said. “That includes not only your vegetable scraps, but your meat scraps, your seafood scraps, pizza boxes, paper products.”

It’s not the traditional twice-a-week trash collection many residents want, but that’s on purpose. “Making sure that we are able to answer this concern but to do so in a way that preserves our environment,” Alsobrooks said.

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Author: Tracee Wilkins, 4 NBC Washington
Image: 4 NBC Washington