PureCycle Technologies, Inc. has released its inaugural Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report including third party preliminary Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data that shows the company’s purification process for recycling polypropylene (designated as No. 5 plastic) waste uses less energy and has lower carbon emissions than new plastic production.

PureCycle’s 2021 ESG Report details the company’s commitment to its community, stakeholders, and tackling the global plastic pollution crisis. The report also spotlights PureCycle’s effort to scale and optimize its unique No. 5 plastic recycling, harness the latest manufacturing technology systems, and leverage top tier talent to fulfill the company’s mission of transforming plastic waste into a continuously renewable resource.

Key Report Highlights

  • Based on the design of PureCycle’s Ironton, Ohio facility, carbon emissions are expected to be 35% lower compared to new No. 5 plastic production.
  • The PureCycle process is expected to use 79% less energy than new No. 5 plastic production.
  • PureCycle has more than doubled its team in just one year, with a turnover rate of less than 10%.
  • PureCycle’s “Born Digital” approach means using the latest generation of automation technology, employing virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, designed to allow the company to complete projects faster, and operate with world-class performance and enhanced safety.
  • PureCycle has implemented a “Goal Zero” safety culture to protect its team members,   which has generated excellent results across many countries and cultures as used by other companies.
  • PureCycle developed and implemented a core values system based on input from all team members employed at the time, aligning values across the entire organization to guide all facets of the company.
  • PureCycle is positioning itself to connect brands with high-quality, sustainable plastic to deliver on their promises to reduce new plastic production and to answer consumer demands for real sustainability.

Mike Otworth, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PureCycle, commented, “While PureCycle’s ESG program is still in its infancy, do know that we are committed to demonstrating authenticity and credibility through transparent ESG reporting. As a plastic recycling technology company aiming to reduce plastic waste, partnering with leading brands to help them create sustainable consumer products, and transforming the industry, it’s essential we also do our part to minimize our environmental impact and conserve resources. As we continue to refine our approach, we will look for impactful, innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions and utilize less energy. This is just the beginning.”

This preliminary third-party LCA supports PureCycle’s position that its purification technology can create a high-quality recycled material that can rival new plastic in quality and production process. With the carbon footprint analysis for its future purification process estimated to be below new plastic production, PureCycle’s product is designed to provide an alternative to high-cost carbon credit purchasing programs while helping brands achieve their highest sustainability goals.

For more information, visit www.purecycle.com.