Recently, I had the chance to listen to some excellent webinars and online conferences. In particular, the National Recycling Congress held last month was a great forum for attendees to hear about bills, regulations, EPR, trends, understanding what is on the horizon, and all-around hearing about other people’s experiences and how they have dealt with industry transitions. It was an extremely informative two-day event and really allowed for interactive discussions among those in attendance. A couple of other great sessions I had the chance to attend were AMERIPEN’s webinar series on EPR and packaging. The first and second in a series of five, the first session went over state timelines from those who are already in the process of implementing packaging producer responsibility programs and how they are dealing with challenges. The second session was about the role of the producer responsibility organization and how they help streamline program reporting and fees. AMERIPEN’s next webinar covers services that are available to help you streamline data collection and how you can leverage it. All excellent and timely topics. I encourage you to do some research on industry webinars, talks, discussions, and virtual events coming up and get in on the discussion. They are a great complement to the big events we all love to attend.

We have a packed issue for you this month! Our Spotlight is on Pro Recycling Group, who, as a full-service provider, has focused on promoting and growing recycling in their communities, growth opportunities, and maximizing investments towards zero landfill initiatives. Be sure to check out their story. “How to Prepare for Financing and Improve Your Chances of Getting Approved” talks about the benefits of being more organized and prepared when you meet with a lender, while “How Tarp Innovation is Shaping Safety, Productivity, and Cost-Effectiveness in Waste” discusses electrically operated tarp systems boosting safety and efficiency for the waste industry. In addition, Maximizing Metal Recovery with End-to-End Recycling Systems” covers end-to-end ferrous and nonferrous recovery solutions that hold the promise of maximizing the value of scrap metal, and “Transfer Station Tipping Floors: Not Just a Normal Slab-on-Grade” covers how with some changes in design and operational approaches and owner expectations, unexpected premature wear and deterioration on tipping floors can be mitigated. And don’t miss additional articles on the impact of landfill compactor machines, tips to get more residential garbage customers, investigating the pros and cons of buying or renting containers, repurposing wind turbine blades, and more!

Our web series, “Talking Trash” is a dedicated channel for the waste collection industry shining a light on what happens behind the scenes at waste collection companies. From tours of MRFs and landfills, walk-throughs of yards and truck fleets to informative interviews, Talking Trash will give you a closer look at what is happening today at leading waste companies. This great section is sponsored by WIS (Waste Innovative Solutions), specialists in waste management software and hardware solutions. We are currently highlighting Rumpke Waste & Recycling, who, as one of the nation’s largest waste and recycling companies, provides residential and commercial trash and recycling services to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia. Growing exponentially in the last 10 years, they offer comprehensive industrial waste management expertise that includes collection, recycling, landfills, and more. As one of the most experienced and knowledgeable names in the business, they are dedicated to keeping the community clean with responsible and innovative practices. Visit to see their story.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve for you. We always appreciate the feedback.

Angelina Ruiz


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